I took cello lessons from Belinda for two years when I was living on the Gold Coast. Belinda is a great teacher. Not only was she able to teach great cello techniques from the very start, she also helped me appreciate the cello and music through her many concerts. Belinda was also very flexible with lesson times and is very good at tailoring teaching to both children and adults of all levels. I highly recommend her.
Dr Ming Chen Darwin Hospital

Belinda Manwaring taught my three children cello lessons while we were living in Australia. We moved around a lot and have had many different cello teachers, and Belinda is the BEST cello teacher we have ever had. Belinda prepared one of my daughters to receive a full music scholarship at university, and helped to motivate my son to keep taking cello lessons. I highly recommend Belinda.
Shirley Heninger Utah USA

I studied cello with Belinda through high school. With her guidance I successfully progressed through AMEB grades and obtained my AMUS and LMUS. Belinda instilled in me a solid technical foundation and encouraged me to develop my musicality. Since my studies with her I have completed a Bachelor of Music (Hons) at the Sydney Conservatorium. For six years I played with the Australian Youth Orchestra and now work as a freelance cellist with the Sydney & Melbourne Symphony Orchestras as well as running my own chamber orchestra,the Sydney Camerata.
Mathisha Panagoda, Cellist

I had first started learning cello from Belinda Manwaring in July 2005 at St Hilda's school and I am still currently learning from her. But my very first impression of Belinda as a girl in grade 5 was that she was a scary, strict new teacher! However, little did I know that Belinda was going to change the way that I had viewed music and playing the cello. During my time with Belinda I had learnt many things that had really inspired me both in my solo playing in cello and as an individual. Not only does Belinda inspire me but she really pushes me to achieve to the best of my ability both physically and mentally. During my weekly lessons at school with Belinda she takes me into completely different dimension that is filled with my one and only favorite instrument in the world, the cello. However, whenever I get the chance to see Belinda play on the cello, not only does she makes me utterly jealous that she can play the piece way better than me, but it also makes me realise that I am learning from such as musically talented teacher. However, I know that Belinda still has many things to teach me in my cello playing and I will continue to look forward to my lesson with her.
Angela Lai St Hildas School Gold Coast

As a parent of a teenage boy whose being playing cello since he was 5, we have had lots of good cello tuition. But, without a doubt, Belinda is the BEST cello teacher we have ever had. She not only is technically superior but also managed to develop a fantastic rapport with our son-- AND maintained this rapport through his "difficult" teenage years. This kept him playing cello while many of his friends stopped playing. Belinda manages to adapt her teaching style not only to those who will go on to be concert and world famous cellists but also to those who choose to go on to do other great things but will always love to play the cello for fun. Belinda nurtures the love for the cello in everyone!
Patty Medland, Gold Coast